The Stefano Project


The Stefano Project - Jessie

Every now and then our research comes across material that has worth independent of our own engagement with it. In such instances the cyberspace provides an ideal vehicle to disseminate this material quickly to our readers through a special issue of IM. This issue of IM is one such special occasion.

It unveils, for the very first time, an important 1920 translation of a manuscript originally written in 1876 and entitled The Wreck of the Austro-Hungarian Barque Stefano On the North West Coast of Australia.

The manuscript is important to us for a number of reasons. To begin with, it describes a gripping story of survival on the arid North West coast of Australia. More importantly it paints a fascinating picture of a six-months-long interaction between the shipwrecked Stefano sailors and members of two North West Aboriginal tribes.

This positive interaction took place in most dramatic circumstances and during the period when these indigenous groups still had very little contact with the Western Australian colonial settlements. Publishing the manuscript is valuable for its anthropological content alone.

More importantly, the manuscript is likely to be useful to descendants of the North West Aboriginal groups when documenting claims to their ancestral land.

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