The Ningaloo Trail: Discovering the Stefano Coast Colloquium – Program Schedule



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The Ningaloo Trail: 

Discovering  the Stefano Coast

Colloquium Program

17, 18-19 April 2015
Venue: Murdoch University
Perth, Western Australia


Pre-Colloquium Drinks and Screening

Hill Lecture Theatre

Education and Humanities Building 450

1:30 – 2:00 pm    Welcome Drinks

Venue: Outside Hill Lecture Theatre under the Javanese Pendopo

 2:00 – 4:00 pm      Introduction by Chris Smyth former Dean,

                                School of Arts, discussion and screening of

 WADJEMUP: Black Prison – White Playground

 directed by

 Dr Glen Stasiuk




Saturday  18 April 2015      

 Venue: EH Room 4.078 

10.00-10:30                  MC                                                    Kathryn Trees

      Mayor, City of Fremantle                   Brad Pettitt

      Early Days/ Charles Tuckey             John Honniball

10:30-11:00                 Barque Stefano Trail                         Josko Petkovic

11:00-11:30                  Yinikurtira  People                            Ann Preest and Russell Levien

11:30-12:00                  Creative Signage                              Ron Gomboc

12:00-1:00                     LUNCH (Venue:  Club Murdoch Conference Room)

1:00-1:30                     Point Cloates                                    Halina Kobryn, Josko Petkovic

1:30-2:00                     Ningaloo Cyber  Atlas                       Halina Kobryn, Lynnath Beckley

2:00-2:30                     Trail Festive Tradition:                      Chair: Jenny de Reuck

                                    The Clay Pan Project                        Audrey and Arif  Fernandes-Satar                              

2:30-3:00                     COFFEE

3:00-3:30                       The Gnaraloo Turtle                        Melissa Tan, Toby Ekman 

 Conservation Program                    and Andy Leach

3:30-4:00                       Trail Education                                 Greg Battye




 Sunday   19 April 2015

 Venue: EH Room 4.078

10:00 -12:00   Plenary 1     Educational Strategies

Learning with Trails

Early Education

High School

Tertiary and Research Trail Education

Conservation Programs

In Country Experience

Leadership Education

Suicide Prevention

Prison Education

12:00 – 1:00                          Lunch  (Venue: Club Murdoch Conference Room)
1:00 – 3:00    Plenary 2        Funding Strategies

Australian Research Council Grants

Office for Learning and Teaching Grants


Gascoyne Commission

Shires of Exmouth, Carnarvon

Private Corporations

Philanthropic Sources

Pastoral Stations (Leonie McLeod – Warroora Station)

3:00                                        Message from The University of Dubrovnik
                                               Silvija Batos  (paper submission)




The Ningaloo Trail: Discovering the Stefano Coast Colloquium

The remote Ningaloo Coast is one of the most impressive coastlines in the world. It contains the longest fringe coral reef in Australia and its pristine beauty is protected by a series of marine parks. In June 2011 the World Heritage Committee declared the Ningaloo Coast, including Cape Range National Park, to be on the World Heritage List.

In 1875, when this coastline was still largely unexplored by Europeans, it became the setting for a most dramatic shipwreck story involving the stranded mariners from the barque Stefano and the local Yinikurtira (West Talanjdi) Australians. The full details of this story were kept secret for over 120 years and became known only in 1990 when Gustave Rathe, the grandson of one of the only two survivors, published his book The Wreck of the Barque Stefano off the North West Coast of Australia (Hesperian Press). The book itself was an adaptation of the secret manuscript kept by the survivors’ descendants along with a compilation of other information available on the shipwreck. The manuscript came with a map on which the alphabetical points A to Z depicted the locations where the castaways had travelled. This journey by the Stefano mariners in 1875-6 neatly overlaps today’s World Heritage-listed Ningaloo coastline.

The Stefano Manuscript Map of the North-West of Western Australia

IM Issue 3, 2007

Since the publication of Rathe’s book an ever-growing number of readers have become convinced that the Stefano shipwreck has all the hallmarks of a classic narrative. A group of these committed enthusiasts are now working with descendants of Yinikurtira Australians to have this story permanently inscribed on the Ningaloo landscape as the Barque Stefano Yinikurtira Trail. In 2011 a Lottery West Trail Planning grant made it possible to fix the coordinates of the Trail locations. In 2012 the Barque Stefano Yinikurtira not-for-profit Foundation was established to oversee the establishment of the Trail.

The high point of the proposed Trail will be a chain of spectacular beach artworks leading to an Indigenous Education and Research Centre for Land and Sea Coastal Habitat in Exmouth. When the Trail is completed the Ningaloo coastline as a whole will become one large exterior art gallery hosting 21 large sculptured artworks by acclaimed Australian and international artists. Visitors will be guided to these localities by a GPS-connected Trail in cyberspace.

The aim of this Colloquium is to consolidate this Trail vision. You are invited to send in a short 150 word Abstract for a 20-30 minute presentation that can contribute to our knowledge of:

  • Ningaloo Coastal Land and Marine Habitat – especially in the proximity of: Red Bluff, Gnaraloo Bay, Nine Mile Bore, Bulbarli Well, Warroora Fig Tree Well, Stevenson Well, Yalobia, Bruboodjoo, Twin Peaks, Jane Bay, Black Rock, Norwegian Bay, Lefroy Bay, Yardie Creek, Pilgonaman Well, Tulkie Well, Point Murat, Bundegi Beach, Wapet Creek, Bay of Rest, South Muiron Island.
  • Ningaloo Indigenous and Heritage Sites
  • Yinikurtira Country and its People
  • Colonial Western Australia circa 1875-6
  • The Stefano Shipwreck Story
  • The Stefano Manuscript
  • Education Potential of the Stefano Shipwreck Narrative
  • The Stefano Coast: Indigenous Tourism and Knowledge Tourism
  • Creative Collaboration: The Art of the Reef
  • The Stefano Trail: Preserving the Ningaloo World Heritage Coast
  • The Stefano Trail: Cyber Technology
  • The Stefano Trail: The Spirit of the Sculptured Signage
  • The Stefano Trail: Festive Tradition – 4 July
  • Cultural Collaboration in the Indian Ocean
  • Currents of Dreaming and Saltwater People



Professor Lynnath Beckley, Marine Management Research Group, Murdoch University

Professor Greg Battye, University of Canberra

Toby Ekman, The Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program

Dr Audrey Fernandes-Satar, Murdoch University

Ron Gomboc, Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Park

John Honniball, WA Historical Society  (relative of Charles Tuckey)

Dr Halina Kobryn, Marine Management Research Group, Murdoch University

Andy Leach, The Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program

Russell Levian, Manager, Harold E. Holt Communication Station, Exmouth

Associate Professor Josko Petkovic, Director NASS, Chair BSYF

Dr Brad Pettitt, Mayor City of Fremantle

Ann Preest, Chair North West Cape Exmouth Aboriginal Corporation

Associate Professor Jenny de Reuck, Murdoch University, NASS Board

Chris Smyth, former Dean School of Arts, Murdoch University

Dr Glen Stasiuk, Director, WADJEMUP, Murdoch University

Melissa Tan, The Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program

Dr Kathryn Trees, Murdoch University





Silvija Batos (MSc) The University of Dubrovnik

Professor Robert Bucat,  The University of WA

Steve Hammond, Consultancy

Associate Professor Libby Lee Hammond, Murdoch University

Leonie McLeod, Warroora Station

Dr David Palmer, Community Development , Murdoch University

Jelena Rakovic, PhD candidate UWA School of Education

Dr Frank Rijavec, Producer/ Director Snakewood Films

Marilyn Rulyancich, Managing Director Flame Events

Warren Tacey, Warren Tacey Environmental Consulting

Associate Professor (Adj) Andrew Turk, Murdoch University

Nada Zuvela, Korcula Committee



Chapple Professor David Andrich, The University of WA, Committee Member BSYF

Professor Lynnath Beckley, Marine Management Research Group, Murdoch University

Margaret Carol, Committee Member BSYF

Wayne Gibbons, Committee Member BSYF

Simon Haig, Director, GCM Advisory Pty Ltd

Dr Bill Humphreys, WA Museum

Dr Martin Mhando, Zanzibar International Film Festival, NASS Board Member

Professor Susan Moore, Leader Nature Based Tourism Research Group, Murdoch University

Neven Smoje, Research collaborator of Gustave Rathe

Keith Spence, Deputy Chair, BSYF

Lyn Sutton, Secretary BSYF

Dr Susan Tucker,  Tulane University, New Orleans